Netsplice - VPN client

Netsplice is an open source cross plattform VPN client developed by IPredator.


If you have thoughts on (possible) features or bug reports: Please let us know. The Contact page has details on how to reach us.


This is the list of currently implemented features:

  • OpenVPN: Provides a GUI frontend to native OpenVPN implementation.
  • Cross plattform: Binary packages are available for Windows, macOS, Debian, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Fedora.
  • No logs: The client does not store logs on the computer, if you want to keep the log you have to export it.
  • Concurrent connections: Allows being connected to multiple VPNs at the same time.
  • Chained connections: Specify dependencies between VPNs - once your primary VPN in a group is connected the secondary VPN tunnels are automatically established.

Netsplice with multiple configured connections.



The available downloads are development snapshots, expect bugs and rough edges. They are intended for people who want to see how netplice works to give us feedback on further development.

  Netsplice installer Signatures
Windows Download
macOS Download
Archlinux Download
Debian 8 Download
Debian 9 Download
Fedora 25 Download
Ubuntu 16.04 Download
Ubuntu 17.04 Download
Packages are signed with our GPG key (


The GPLv3 licensed source code and documentation are available below. Patches are welcome.

Download Signatures
Source code Download
Documentation Download

Feedback and Errors

If you have thoughts on the design, bug reports and feature requests: Please let us know about them. You can reach us via mail or by visiting our chat.