Payment options

The following payment options are available. If you want to pay for your account please login and use the payment wizard.

If you think we lack a particular payment option please ask the support! Not all payment options are listed here and some are only available on request.

The bitcoin wiki lists different means of how to acquire BTC. has worked well for many users in the past. Please read this and this if you want to be anonymous when using Bitcoin. We handle automated BTC processing on our own no 3rd party is involved.
Mostly used with your PayPal account. Accepts no credit cards.

Prepaid options and features

We have a very simple pricing model:

  • One price for ALL VPN protocols and services.
  • 1 month of VPN for 6 EUR, 8 USD, or 50 SEK.
  • You can choose a prepaid plan of either 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

The price tends to vary a bit depending on your local currency if you cannot pay using the currencies we support natively. Please check with a currency converter how much it is in your local currency.

Please write an email to or visit the IRC channel to contact us for details.

We recommed that you use our PGP public key to encrypt email when talking to us.

Refund policy

In case that it really does not work for you we will of course refund you. The only thing we ask for is that you try to fix the problem with our help first before you open a refund claim or chargeback with the payment provider. Most of the problems can be fixed within a reasonable time frame after looking at the problem.

Static IP address

If you want a static IP address setup (both IPv4 and IPv6) please contact the support via email On request we can also route you a /56 IPv6 network. Because IPs are expensive and you are likely to use more traffic than the average user the current price is 14 Euro per month on top of your normal account. As usual we do not enforce any speeds or shape your traffic in any way.